By way of explanation

Feeling off it, not sure what ‘t’is
Doctor says this pills the biz
‘Take them when you’re feeling queasy’
‘They’ll see you right, it is that easy’

YES they work, I’m feeling great
But now I need another eight
Every time’s not like the last
So no effect from measures past

Treating symptoms is OK
‘What about the cause?’ I say
‘Why do I feel like I do?’
Who to ask? What more to do?

So here I am laid on the bed
Small needles in my legs and head
In an attempt to find relief
Acupuncture’s my belief

Improve my Circulation is the aim
By sticking needles in my frame
Can You feel them? Yes I do
Massage next, will help you too

Has it worked? I feel much better
But now when I begin a letter
The outcome of it is in rhyme
I’m doing it most all the time

So here they are, just jotted down
Sometimes I’m feeling such a clown
But once I start I cannot end
So here they are, for you. My Friend

My Darling Tisha

© peterspoetry  Image from

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