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Jam tomorrow’s where it’s at
T’other fellow’s just a prat
Now we’re in election mode
Searching for the Mother Load

Missives coming thick and fast
Not the first and not the last
Must use the latest ‘nology
Inbox full, without ‘pology

She’s going to win without a doubt!
It’ll soon be over bar the shout
Oh look at that, he’s raced ahead
The Polls are saying ‘He’s not dead!’

Do you believe them, like in the past?
Or shall we wait the Poll that’s last
The Media’s having such a scrum
Some say we’re thick, some say we’re dumb

It’s down to you, it’s down to me
We’ll cast our vote and then we’ll see
When t’shoutings over and all is said
We’ll carry on, BUT in our head

We know we’ll never see that Jam
Instead we’ll feast on yet more Spam

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