Tony Blair, Tony Blair
And your stupid ‘Tory Heir’
Playing games without a care
Now it’s time to pay the fare

Thought you had it all sussed out
Knew we wouldn’t vote for out
Seems you never had a doubt
Instead it turned into a rout

Democracy turned on it’s head
Common Sense is nearly dead
It’s the future that I dread
When idiots believe in all that’s said

The internet, I think is great
The lunacy is what I hate
Many think it is their fate
To peddle garbage in full spate

Trying to sort through all the dross
Sometimes makes me rather cross
Seems most of us are at a loss
To find the facts and not the ‘Goss’

As we enter this brave new world
Where evr’y invective can be hurled
By those whose fleeting fame has swirled
In Warhol’s ‘Time’ before unfurled

The game is changing, it appears
People motivated by their fears
Social Media has meshed the gears
If they get their wish, there will be tears

Watch this space, we’ll see it through
It’s the only thing to do
Past generations knew it too
Change doesn’t happen just to you

© peterspoetry and image from Pixabay

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