Dedicated to Mim & Him

They’re all shouting
‘Vive la France’
Going to vote
But in a trance

Many more, they disagree
Politicians can take a hike
Forget the Ballot Box
Now we’re ready to use ‘The Strike’

Burning tyres in the street
Everything is, as before
Macron is no Mrs T
It’s Socialism to the core

He’s made his plans for how to win
Going to go where others fail
Can’t he see what others know
He’s heading down a dang’rous trail

He believes, that he can do it
Setting out his plans galore
Forget about ‘Abstention Militante’
Hoping for a loud Encore

All we can do is wait and see
Thinking of, Our Friends out there
Times are changing it would seem
Thoughts with them, because we care

Bet they’re thinking of us here
Wondering what we’re going through
Do not fear for we’ll be right
Change will bring us Something New

Each generation has it’s fear
Each procreation has it’s hope
It’s happened before and it will again
But through it all, we always cope

© peterspoetry and image from Pixabay

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