or The Milk in Your Tea

Grew up on a farm, never came to much harm
Worked with each season, not knowing the reason
There were animals galore, that crapped on the floor
Cows were the best, never gave it a rest
On a patch of clean ground, far worse than your hound
Lifting their tails, their plopping never fails
Some think it is funny, but not when it’s runny
And you are the jerk, trying to do a days work
Standing there in the pit, half covered in it
The milking to do, while avoiding the poo
Not quite a bed of roses, most of you hold your noses
But if you want milk in yer tea yer relying on me
You need your milk and you don’t have to ask
Three times a day, we attend to the task
For the cows and their keepers, are not late sleepers
The stuffs in the tank and it’s us you can thank
For the milk in your tea. Take a bow my friends and me!

© peterspoetry image from Pixabay

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