For Joff, Clare, kids and friends.

One year we went glamping
But it’s rather expensive
Thought we’d try camping
But she was apprehensive

Long story short, we found a tent
The kids will love it, all that space
Bought some kit, some we were lent
Let’s try it all out at a nearby place

Site was booked, excitement was mounting
Looking on Facebook for bits we still need
The day’s getting nearer, down we are counting
No going back, committed to the deed

Birthday boys weekend is when it’ll be
Hope the weather will try to be good
Four days in the tent down by the sea
Alas day one turned into a flood

The rain once it started, was torrential
The wind once it blew, was demented
The attraction of camping, losing potential
We’re not giving in now, a ‘van was rented

Round everything up, now in the ‘van
Soaked to the skin ‘I do not believe it!’
We all muck in, do what we can
Tent is soaked, in the the car we leave it

Here in the ‘van, it’s cosy and warm
Look at the windows, wipe off the steam
Peer through the glass, safe from the storm
Not going to let it ruin our dream

Tummies are full of burgers and cake
Sharing with friends, having a larf
Away for the weekend, taking a break
Are we having Fun – Not Half

Sky is clearing, may get a sunset
Tomorrow will be, a much better day
Play on the beach, kids’ll get wet
The sun may even, give us a ray

Spending time off, with our friends
That was our plan, we’ll stick to it too
Hope the weather will make amends
Lets see some sky, preferably blue

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