Lets have a day out we suddenly decided
It’s ages since we did, my wife gently chided

We’ve got our new cards for the National Trust
Off we go then. It’s Devon or bust

Well on our way we needed a drink
Not too difficult, or so you would think

‘Pull off here, that sign shows a Cup’
Looked everywhere, we’ve been sold a pup

Look there’s a pub, with a nice thatched roof
Being renovated?! Scaffolding’s the proof

OK lets try this again, we’ve been here before
Yes but that place, we’ll not darken their door

Could not get parked, not anywhere near
Frustration is bad, might just shed a tear

At last a place, just park by the pub
Oh look, yet again, they’ve sold us a dud

The door was open, ‘In here’ I proposed
But further inside the sign it said Closed

Why do they do it? What’s wrong with them all?
When weary travellers are dying to call

Turning around, we tried yet again
Parked the car, watching for rain

‘Let’s try this one now. Hope it’ll do’
I’m fast getting past the need for brew

Getting inside so small and so dark
Actually looks like it’s out of the Ark

Looking around, they’re all rather glum
Being ‘That Age’ must make them numb

A cafetiere for just we two
Can’t be so difficult for them to do

Alas! No Decaf, they’ve recently run out
‘Give me Strength’ I’m ready to shout

Whatever you have, lets hope it’s still hot
The milk we don’t need, but then you forgot

Walk back to the car, as memory fades
What’s this I see here, when viewed through their shades

Nice little cafe bar, with garden out back
Just what the others decidedly lack

‘That’s for another day’ we are both thinking
When in this direction, our indicators blinking

So off down the road, feeling alive
How much further do we have to drive?

Over the moors, watch out for sheep
Down the hill that looks rather steep

At last we arrive and park by the road
Pay for a ticket just like I’ve been told

Head down the path that’s covered in stones
Mind you don’t slip and break any bones

Well we are here, the tables are full
Standing in line, just wait for a lull

Now, I’ve found us something to eat
Grab us a table, grab us a seat

It’s a long way to to go for National Trust sarnie
Now I’ve told you all that. You think that I’m barmy


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