See the seagulls, patrolling down the beach
Make sure any food, is well out of reach

The visitors, think it’s great, feeding them a chip
But once they’ve had your ice cream, that’ll be it

You’ll be shocked how big they are, when they get so near
Great big feet, massive beak, of you they have no fear

Gazing at the view, food and drink upon the table
They’ll swoop straight down, you wouldn’t think them able

‘They don’t like it up ’em’, said the waitress fair’
Placing the water pistol back, beside my chair

‘One quick burst, from this water gun’
‘Makes ’em think, when eyeing up yer bun’

So if you’re down here on holiday, staying by the coast
Don’t feed the seagulls, not even bits of toast

I bet you think by going on, I’m being rather rude
When you’ve had one come at you, you’ll change your attitude

When you’ve done, with your food, put it in the bin
Leave it out, without a doubt, the gulls they will be in

They’ll fight a bit then scoff the lot, without a single care
When they’re sure it all has gone, they’ll take off in the air

Once more patrolling down the beach
For any food within their reach

© peterspoetry

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