Great news this has been published in the October Tuck Magazine


Your account has been blocked for a reason
Same old emails, whatever the season
Nigerian diplomats used to abound
Offering money, enough to astound!

Aimed at the gormless or simply greedy
Responding made no sense, even if needy
They’d empty your bank and never blink
If you didn’t ‘Employ Brain’ and stop to think

Now they’re more subtle, you need to take care
Mail ‘out the blue’ from heaven knows where
They will try to trick you, do not respond
Not even in the moment, often known as blonde

Don’t know the sender? Move it to Spam
Show no concern, they don’t give a damn
Just take a moment, when op’ning your mail
‘Cos to them, your bank’s their Holy Grail

©peterspoetry 2017

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