By way of explanation, I wrote this after seeing several business people, comedians and pop singers pontificating about how mistaken the leave voters were.  To me this proves that they have forgotten, in the midst of their fame and wealth, that it was millions of ordinary people who bought their products and that they still only have one vote and one voice.

Oh Sir Richard
why do you despise me
I bought your records
I used your trains
I flew in your planes
I made you
Now you’re rich
you’ve assumed some power
You believe I’m wrong
by voting out
Yet you, quite happily,
took my money
That was my free choice
but then I was discerning
now, it seems, I’m not
Presumably you think
because I fell for your brand
that I haven’t a brain
and can’t be trusted
Perhaps your having
a long Ratner Moment

Now I see you
as you always were
Grasping and driven
by pounds and dollars
And then by fame
and your guru status
Somewhere in that ‘Journey’
you forgot about me
And the real world
I live in
My wishes and hopes
Not to emulate you
but to cope with my life
in a world that’s united
Now it seems democracy
is sadly dying
To be replaced by wealth
and even by fame
No more can I be trusted
to know my own mind
Should keep my head down
and keep my mouth shut

If you think that’s going to happen
you’ve really lost touch
There’s millions out there
who think like me
Someone had better sit up
and take due note
Come the revolution
when attitudes change
You’ll need that island
to keep us at bay


© peterspoetry 2017

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