No prizes for guessing what prompted me to write this

PC or Non PC, that is the question
Everything you say must be checked
That’s how it is, it’s not a suggestion
Instantly cross, face spittle flecked

They start to demand with such aggression
Many an old joke suitably wrecked
They won’t even allow a small digression
As their silly objectives I try to deflect

Do I really care? Is my confession
When all that I say they do dissect
They don’t allow a small concession
When to a conversation, they object

Stuff we grew up with, a form of expression
Now not allowed the smallest inflect
‘Cos of what appears, a total obsession
To language police we must genuflect

At times it feels like total regression
My form of language they have no respect
What they propose, to me, is oppression
For others language, there is no respect

Trying so hard, my attitude to freshen
A new kind of language I try to confect
Youngsters take note, let this be a lesson
In time when you speak, someone’s bound to object


© peterspoetry 2017

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