Revel in celebrating, glass half empty
Remoaning for them is very trendy
Dragging it out,so their predictions come true
‘Sod Democracy’ that is their view

Politicians chose to have a referendum
The question was simple, no addendum
Their responsibility keenly abdicated
A result in their favour severely weighted

But all of that was lost on the masses
They’d had enough of political classes
Something’s wrong they instinctively know
The result to them, was not a blow

It was a surprise, but not unexpected
By ruling classes, their views are neglected
In the real world, just trying to get on
Political semantics just makes them yawn

What gets their goat are the ‘monied elite’
Listen to them moan, listen to them bleat
Change is good, a necessary evil
Regarding the EU, a vital retrieval

Brits like to vote for who they’re ruled by
The EU, to many, is just the bad guy
So suck it up, time will pass
Many Brexiteers relish the chasse

Moving forward, in this brave new world
Waving their flag so proudly unfurled
Up for the challenge, ready to fight
Say goodbye, un-elected blight


© peterspoetry 2018

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