Why Now?

Where to begin? I’ve always liked Betjeman, I’ve had his Collected Poems (Enlarged Edition) since 1976. We used to have a Copy of Comic & Curious verse but heaven knows where that is now. Lurking somewhere with one of the Griff Rees Jones Comic Verse books I suspect. Of course we had various Ladybird books and can recall bits of the poems the kids loved.

I just had to look them up as I wrote this, to my surprise the Ducks are a Dabbling one is by Kenneth Grahame, When Daddy fell into the Pond by Alfred Noyes and Jonathan Jo with a mouth like an O by A A Milne. Perhaps on reflection poetry has been in my life more than I realised.

But, I digress, I picked the books up and read them from time to time but never even tried to write anything. Fast forward to the present when I determined that the various ‘Migranous Attacks, learn to live with it’ turned out to be something called Meniere’s Disease and the Doctor agreed. If you Google that, cynics suggest, it seems to an umbrella under which tinnitus, vertigo and the attendant biliousness are lumped.

The long and the short of it is, I was prescribed Betahistine. which seemed to be for after the symptoms had taken hold. Then I sought alternative help in the form of Chinese Herbalism and Acupuncturist to see if I could lessen the impact. After some expense and quite a few weeks I feel much better, though the ‘events’ are never the same twice so the effect and treatment is always different.

Recently, after five days of very loud tinnitus, where everything sounded like ‘wow wow wow’. Followed by two days of vertigo where I staggered around like a drunk, without the best bits I might add. I was back to normal. In fact I awoke very early with The Ode to the Neighbours Dog bugging me as much as the dog itself had earlier.

So I got out of bed gingerly and realised I was no longer ‘drunk’, great. Found some paper and wrote about the dog. The rest of the day and others were crazy, lots of things my wife said or I thought came out in verse, so I just wrote it down and here it is. For better or worse, they just keep coming.

After a rather long DIY interlude from October 2017 I’m getting back to posting some more poetry.  Hope you enjoy them, if you want to join in go to https://www.facebook.com/youmustbejokingtoo/ and send me a comment or comment on these posts here.

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