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Acupuncture  –  Feeling off it / not sure what ‘t’is / Doctor says this pills the biz
A Found Poem  –  Blame it on Dave Gorman  –  Peeing in the Wild at Glastonbury
Apocalypse  –  I remember the siren down at the inn / ‘Was it scary?’ Where do I begin

Birds  –  Oh Look! There’s a bird on the nuts / ‘It’s only a sparrow’ I hear you cry / Yeah but the little fellows got guts
Blank Verse  – Losing my balance with Blank Verse / To me it is an utter curse / Can’t get the rhyme when reading it
Bumblebee’s Lament  –  Sometimes I’m doing it all the time / Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! / Sometimes go hours feeling just fine

Citrus  – The lemons on the lemon bush / They are growing, rather lush / The lemons on the lemon tree
Camping  –  One year we went glamping / But it’s rather expensive / Thought we’d try camping

Day Out  –  Lets have a day out we suddenly decided / It’s ages since we did, my wife gently chided
Democratic Right  –  Voter, voter, sitting on the fence / Why are you so very dense
Democratic Wrong  –  Now it’s over, that’s yer lot! / Who do we have, who do we not? / Exercised our Democratic Right

Election Fever  –  Jam tomorrow’s where it’s at / T’other fellow’s just a prat / Now we’re in election mode

Grandson  –  Oh what a cute little boy / Playing so nicely with his toy / Brumming here and brumming there

Harsh Reality  –  ‘Events Dear Boy’ as Mac never said / While terrorists fill my heart with dread / It’s 10 pm and the Polls are closed
Hedgehog  –  Hedgehog in the garden, has his own door / Cut into the gate down by the floor / We know he came in, we saw the spoor

I’m Having a Cold  –  Think I’ll have a Disposable Aspirin / Or is it dispersible, she said with a grin

Lap of the Gods  -Watching raindrops running down the glass / Waiting inside for the storm to pass

Meneire’s  –  Tinnitus. Don’t you just love it, the noises in your head / I ‘spose I’m just stuck with it, until the day I’m dead
Misjudged  –  Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn / The crowd burst into song / Marching now for Government
Monied Elite  –  Oh Sir Richard / why do you despise me / I bought your records / I used your trains

Never a Dull Moment   Walking along without a care / What on earth is that? Over there

Ode to the Neighbours Dog  –  There I was, fast asleep / yap . . yap . . yap . . / Now rousing from my slumbers deep
Over Production  –  Mary Mary, quite contrary. how does your garden grow? / As you well know, it grows so fairly, after time spent with fork and hoe

Road Rage  –  Don’t be impatient /or you’ll be an in patient / I thought to myself / as the loony carved me up
Referendum  –  Tony Blair, Tony Blair / And your stupid ‘Tory Heir’ / Playing games without a care
Religious Persecution  –  Ding Dong, Ding Dong, / I think someone’s at the door
Remembering France  –  They’re all shouting / ‘Vive la France’ /  / Going to vote / But in a trance
Remoaners and Brexiteers Revel in celebrating, glass half empty. / Remoaning for them is very trendy

Seagulls  –  See the seagulls, patrolling down the beach / Make sure any food, is well out of reach
Shog Dit  –When I was a child there was plenty to walk in they didn’t feel then that it was a sin
Show Kite – Grew up on a farm, never came to much harm / Worked with each season, not knowing the reason
Summer Rain  – Rain Rain go away / Then come back another day / That saying that we know so well
Summer Storm  –  It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring / Is it any wonder, sitting out the thunder

The Sparrow  –  What a good year it’s been for the Greenfly / As Spring into Summer, the days go by

Vegetables  –  Sowing seeds by cultivation. Hope / Growing on without frustration. Nope

Warning  –  Your account has been blocked for a reason / Same old emails, whatever the season





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